About Me



“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

– Thomas Merton.

I, as a photographer, was drawn towards the diversity that exists amongst us humans. The roller coaster of emotions and the opportunity to freeze that one moment for eternity. To remind you of the time you had ‘that day’, made me feel powerful. Not only the power of making time stand still but the power to make you smile and the power to make your eyes moist, both at the same time. With power comes responsibility; I believe, it is your trust in me that has made me powerful today. You chose to understand my art; my perspective of who you are.

Lifestyle Photography, is my area of expertise with an experience of 6+ years in this vast industry. Every assignment only helped me enhance my skills and traits, like a statue that emerges with each stroke by a sculptor with his hammer and chisel. It was difficult at the onset to pave my way through a socially sound and highly interactive profession. It was not far down the path when my pictures begun to speak for me and reduce the distance between me and society.

Today, I take every step towards my goal to be a Photojournalist. To be able to capture stories on varied subjects and tell them efficiently; to make the world known of its true self.